The Oscar Awards Ceremony is the grandest of all in the film industry, no prize is greater! Dreams come true when actors, actresses and directors alike go down in history for their accolades in cinematic performances.

Sometimes the emotion becomes too much and the stars let us see their more human side. This of course can be rather cringe worthy!

1. Family is more important that an Oscar


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith left the Oscars Awards Ceremony halfway through when Will was up for a nomination for Best Actor Award. The couple left before his category was announced due to the fact that their daughter was reportedly unwell. A true act of good parenting!

2. No swearing please!


Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Fighter” (2011). The moment was all too much for the star and she dropped the F bomb. We are sure the mother of two had some explaining to do after that!

3. I? What? How? Name?


Christian Bale won an award at the Oscars and during his acceptance speech managed to forget the name of his wife. He was rather stuck for words compared to his outburst during filming “Terminator Salvation.”

4. The Oscars might not be the greatest place for a political speech


“Bowling For Columbine” director Michael Moore unleashed a verbal assault on President Bush as he made his acceptance speech. Many were shocked at how far he actually went, even if his words were correct.

5. One handed push ups on the Oscar stage


Jack Palance won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Curly in “City Slickers.” He impressed the entire crowd by performing one handed push ups. Not bad for a man who was aged 73 at the time.

6. Peace for all!


Robert Opel was a buffoon and a streaker. David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor at the 1974 Awards Ceremony as Opel took to the stage holding a peace sign. One could say he certainly brought a new flavor to the ceremony.

7. Now why would you refuse an Oscar?


Marlon Brando refused the Oscar that he won for his role in “The Godfather.” This was due to his claims that Native Americans were treated disrespectfully during filming. He tried to send Native American activist Sacheen Littlefeather to accept the award, the honor was later revoked because of this.

8. The worst outfit ever


Bjork turned up to the Awards Ceremony in a “dead swan dress” that literally hung from her neck. The dress completely matched the bizarreness of the star. She truly was the Lady GaGa of her generation.

9. Sweetie, this is not the Book Club!


Halle Berry had an acceptance speech that lasted a great deal of time, it turned into more of an epilogue than anything else! Halle thanked the whole world and his dog. Even so, Halle was the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Female Lead.

10. You two won an Oscar? Really?


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck surprised the world when they won an Oscar for “Good Will Hunting.” The pair has gained solid recognition since that moment, and despite much criticism, they always seem to come out on top.