1. The Titanic


The scene were Jack holds up Rose at the front of the Ship is famous the world over and has been parodied to death. Titanic is the highest grossing movie of all time and this scene is probably the most quoted part of it.

 2. Ghost


Patrick Swayze (RIP) and Demi Moore’s pottery ‘class’ was voted most romantic of all time. The music fits perfectly and in reality it should have been voted cheesiest of all time.

3. Spiderman


When Mary-Jane takes off Spidey’s mask, with the rain pouring. Their lips touch and their souls connecting… Enough already! This moment definitely deserves to make the list although the film in its entirety stays respectable.

4. Romeo and Juliet


Well done Leonardo! You made the list twice. When the lovers gaze at each other through the fish tank the moment they share is well captivated, Shakespeare would have been proud!

5. Dirty Dancing


The final dance was the final straw in this ‘love epic’. Patrick (RIP) swizzles his way on to the list for a second appearance.

The movie soundtrack ‘The Time Of My Life’ is a very popular choice of wedding song for couples.

6. Pearl Harbor


The whole movie cannot be narrowed down to one cheesy love scene. The entire film is rife with romance and self-sacrifice and can be pretty sad at times. What could have been a war epic turned out to be a side gig for the more evident focus on love.

7. Braveheart


The moments William Wallace shares with the Princess before his impending doom are met with an emotional bagpipe symphony.

The first love story of the film also has its moments of cheese although those scenes play a huge part in the viewer understanding the heart felt pain William Wallace endures. Back to the fighting please!

8. Gone With The Wind


“You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how’’ Was Clark Gable trying to be smooth here?

It certainly worked for Rhett when he expresses how he feels for Scarlett. Pass me the sick bag!

9. Reality Bites


Goody two-shoes Lelaina spends her time trying to ignore feelings for best friend Troy. Living together and friendship overwhelm the pair as Troy fights for her love and tries to get rid of his loser-ish ways. Their embrace and kiss toward the climax of the film is worthy of a Razzy or two.

10. The Wedding Singer


Even funny man Adam Sandler is guilty of a love scene or two. Even an attempt to win over his heart’s desire, Robbie (Sandler) crashes the aeroplane and performs a song ‘’I Want to Grow Old With You’’ for Julia in front of supportive passengers.

They all seem to forget they have just crashed? Oh well, better to get priorities in check!