Away from all the drama and romance comedies, all movie buffs want from time to time is some good old high octane carnage and epic battles. As it turns out, films based on fighting themes are not always going to have the highest death counts.

We have pointed out a few of the movies that have the highest number of onscreen deaths in cinema history and some of them may surprise you!

1. 300


King Leonidas and 299 of his Spartan warriors offer an epic tale of heroism in this film. Ironically, the film has 600 onscreen deaths, exactly twice the number of the film title.

2. Rambo


Sylvester Stallone starred as John Rambo in this 2008 venture. where Rambo sets off into Burma as a one man army against the Burmese soldiers. There are 247 onscreen deaths in the entire film, some of them being very graphic.

3. Titanic


People knew before they watched this epic movie that the outcome would be bleak. The sinking ship tragically claimed hundreds of lives while on screen you can see no less than 307 meet their doom.

4. The Last Samurai


Tom Cruise as a samurai? Ahem.. “The Last Samurai” is about an American soldier who defects to a Japanese camp of samurais and joins them as rebels against their invaders. Death count – 558!

5. A Fistful Of Dynamite


One of many Sergio Leone’s classics and probably the most brutal film in the series, with 471 deaths. For a film made in 1971, it is a surprise the film was never banned!

6. Saving Private Ryan


“Saving Private Ryan” is a World War II based story, where an elite team of soldiers are sent to save Private Ryan. From the opening battle, British and American armies are storming the Nazi occupied beaches of Normandy and the fighting only relents for brief periods.

The film is very sad but tells a great tale. 255 deaths in total.

7. Troy


Another War based epic in which Brad Pitt plays a role in the life of Achilles, the great warrior. The on-screen rivalry between Hector and Achilles was voted 50th Greatest On screen Rivalry of All Time. 572 people were killed on screen in Troy.

8. Blood and Chocolate


Based on a novel of the same name, about a teen werewolf and her pack. Try and count 256 deaths in total – we sure did!

9. Kingdom Of Heaven


Set during the crusades of the 12th century, in a time where Christians were trying to free Jerusalem. Contains wars and battles with major death content. The second highest ever with 610!

10. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King


Top of the “leader board” to many peoples’ surprise! Especially with a PG-13 rating. The final part of the trilogy that sees Aragorn take his rightful place on the throne – this film racked up an impressive 836 deaths!

The films on this list do not include implied deaths, on screen deaths are all that count on this list!

Could we see a new record set in place?