1. Rocky (1976)

This film took the actor from a string of uncredited roles to movie star. Playing a not too bright but good hearted boxer, Stallone made us see the dream come true. Even in losing, we won.

Verdict: Solid choice.


2. Rocky V (1990)

Some athletes don’t know when to throw in the towel. Rocky takes on a protégé, becoming the teacher. We learned there should be no more Rocky movies. The new Rocky is already planned.

Verdict: Bad choice.


3. Daylight (1996)

After explosions trap a group inside New York’s Midtown Tunnel, Stallone tries to help everyone get out as the system floods. This is a good suspenser. It helps that Stallone’s surrounded by talented support and great production.

Verdict: Good choice.


4. Cobra (1986)

A woman is pursued by a maniacal killer. She’s screaming, running, throwing things. It looks hopeless until she pulls a fire alarm.

Suddenly there are people everywhere. Where were they when she was screaming, running and throwing things? Yes, it’s that silly.

Verdict: Poor choice.


5. First Blood (1982)

It was Stallone’s first real success after being typecast as Rocky. The story of a war hero pushed too far is one of the actor’s best. Outside of Stallone’s lame speech at the end, First Blood is pitch perfect and holds up.

Verdict: Excellent choice.


6. Eye See You (2002)

A clinic that specializes in detox for law enforcement? Set in isolated, snow bound mountains? Where it’s easy to be trapped with a serial killer that likes to kill law enforcement agents? Talk about stretching a premise.

Verdict: Very bad choice.


7. Cop Land (1997)

Stallone saw an uptick in street cred after playing a not too bright small town cop trying to solve a mystery. It didn’t hurt that he was surrounded by the most amazing cast his films has ever seen, including Robert De Niro, Harvey Kietel and Ray Liotta.

Verdict: Good choice.


8. Judge Dredd (1995)

Fans loved the film’s attention to the original source’s details. They just wished the producers had done the same with the characterization and story.

The comic books’ humor was driven by situations and societal insight. Here the task fell to Rob Schneider.

Verdict: Bad choice.


9. Assassins (1995)

The fact no one went to see this doesn’t make it a bad film. This battle of wits between two hired killers is a top notch thriller and features one of Stallone’s subtlest performances.

It helps that it was helmed by action film perfectionist Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon, Superman).

Verdict: Good choice.


10. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)

The poster alone is still hurting Stallone’s career. Golden Girls’ star Estelle Getty plays Stallone’s mom.

After an unplanned visit, she embeds herself in all aspects of her son’s life, including his police investigations. If you see a copy, help Sly by burning it.

Verdict: Bad choice.