1. She’s the Man


This comedy starring Amanda Bynes may not initially make you think of Shakespeare initially, but a closer look reveals the similarities with “Twelfth Night.”

The play and movie both show a sister dressing up to impostor her twin brother.Instead of a shipwreck, we get dueling High Schools, but we also get Channing Tatum.

2. The Lion King


Stick with me on this one. The classic Disney movie shares a lot in common with Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”King tragically killed? Check. Evil brother trying to take over the kingdom?

Check.The rightful prince returning home to reveal the truth? Check.Though it gets a much happier ending, the similarities are there.

3. West Side Story


One of the more obvious adaptations of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Instead of Italy, we find ourselves in New York City’s Upper West Side with rival gangs instead of wealthy families.

This modern twist on Shakespeare is almost as notorious as the original.

4. Deliver Us From Eva


Based on the “Taming of The Shrew,” this modern day twist tells the story of a “shrew” who sticks her nose in her sister’s love life, and who eventually finds love of her own.

May seem strange to have LL Cool J in a movie based off a classic Shakespeare play, but it works.

5. O


This story of manipulation, jealousy and murder is a classic take on Shakespeare’s “Othello.”

The film stays true to the original play with the names of the characters and the devious plotting, as well as a strong focus on the racial elements.

6. 10 Things I Hate About You


Another adaptation of “The Taming of The Shrew,” we see the younger sister hopeful for love but her shrewish sister separates her from finding love. The film is a fairly faithful adaptation of the Shakespeare play.

7. A Thousand Acres


This movies gives a modern remake on Shakespeare’s “King Lear” with three daughters of a retiring farmer who decide to split his fortune amongst them. As in the play, two daughters turn against the father and family drama ensues.

8. Forbidden Planet


Shakespeare is transformed in space in this adaptation! Instead of being shipwrecked as in “The Tempest,” the father and daughter in this futuristic film are stranded in outer space.

9. Romeo Must Die


One of the most popular plays to adapt is “Romeo and Juliet,” as seen in this gang driven version of two lovers on opposing sides of the street.

In this version of the play, we get a strong sense of race and crime as well as the forbidden romance between the two main characters.

10. Get Over It


Loosely based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” we see a love triangle similar to that of the play.

The film in fact focuses on a group of kids who are putting on a musical version of the Shakespeare play.