1. E.T

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Age is irrelevant with this classic kids favorite movie classic!

From the glowing fingertip to the bike flying in the sky scene, everyone wipes a tear or two when E.T does more than phone home, he goes!

2. The Goonies

The Goonies

The ultimate kids adventure complete with treasure maps, pirate ships, evil villains, a first kiss, and a gentle giant that loves Baby Ruth candy bars.

Tweens and teens alike all wanted to be a Goonie, and Cyndi Lauper thought they were good enough…

3. The Lion King

The Lion King

You don’t have to be an animation fan to have fallen in love with the ferocity of cute little Simba and their tale of life in the jungle.

This one lured in plenty of adults with a stellar soundtrack, and adorable Simba didn’t hurt either.

4. Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

There’s a version for everyone between the Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis remake and of course, the classic from the 70s.

It’s cute, funny, and let us kids see that maybe being the adult wasn’t so easy after all.

5. The Parent Trap


Like Freaky Friday, there’s an old-school and new-school version of this fun-loving film (which also stars Lindsay Lohan) about two identical twins who scheme to swap lives and ultimately get their divorced parents back together again.

Secretly, many old school ‘kidults’ actually prefer the newer Parent Trap – there’s less singing.

6. Toy Story

Toy Story

Male or female, there were characters to love (and detest) while watching Woody and pals attempt to be animated inanimate toys in Toy Story.

Again, depending your age and with sequels around, if you have kids it’s likely they love Woody, too!

7. Home Alone


It was great fun for a little while being left at home all alone, but a youngster found out the hard way that some parental guidance isn’t always a bad idea when two crooks try to rob the house in Home Alone.

This one made many youngsters think twice before begging off on a sitter.

8. Jumanji


What kid wouldn’t get excited about a board game that literally comes to life – until it all goes awry, that is?

Jumanji surely rates as the kid’s version of Indiana Jones style adventure, and is still as fun to watch today as it was as a kiddo.

9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Live action, animation, and a riotous cast of characters made Who Framed Roger Rabbit unforgettable and irresistible to kids of all ages.

Roger Rabbit finds himself relying on a cartoon detesting detective to prove his innocence for homicide.

The addition of sultry Jessica to this action-packed feature enhanced its allure, too!

10. Superman


1978-1983 saw the release of three Superman films, and twenty years later the theme song is still stuck in our heads.

Something about watching Superman save the planet and the girl while battling bad guys and avoiding kryptonite is still magical.