The following films captivated audiences for a variety of reasons. While they can be described as edge of your seat films, they also appear to be based on factual events.

While some people might dispute the truth of those real-life events, others think they happened as they are portrayed on the screen.

If you’ve never seen them, you might want to check them out for yourself.

1. Amityville Horror

Though widely regarded as a hoax, this story was widely accepted as true and many people still believe in the events that were depicted in the movie and detailed in the non-fiction book.

The film was based on the popular non-fiction work about a family who only lived in a house for 28 days before fleeing due to a series of terrible supernatural events. Both the film and book have been popular among audiences, but many people also believe that the events depicted on screen actually occurred.

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According to the family’s story, eerie and very scary things began to happen in the house after they moved in. The house itself was the site of a terrible mass-murder. For this reason, the house is said to be haunted.

The family claims that the walls of the home bled green slime and voices could be heard. Cold spots and sinister imagery combined to cause the family to abandon the structure to seek life elsewhere.

The film was released in 1979 and was a big hit among the horror film set. If you like scary movies, you’ll want to add this to you watch list. Whether it actually happened as the family describes or not is up to you to decide.