1. Main Character – Doodlebug


The unnamed character in Nolan’s 1997 short film Doodlebug is seen frantically trying to squash a bug with his shoe. As the story unfolds, the audience realises the man is mimicking the bug’s every move. The movie takes on a more sinister turn as the hunter eventually becomes the prey.

2. Leonard Shelby – Memento


In Memento, we follow main character Leonard who is suffering from severe short-term memory loss. Despite his condition, he is desperately trying to find his wife’s murderer, but eventually uncovers something far more sinister.

3. Domm Cob – Inception


Domm Cob is a talented thief whose dedication to his job has cost him his entire life and everything he cared about. Now a fugitive, he is offered the chance to reclaim his life by doing one last job.

The plot may seem a little familiar until we realise that Dom is no ordinary thief as his talent lies in entering the minds of sleeping victims and stealing secrets from their subconscious.

4. The Young Man – Following


Following tells the story of a young writer known only as ‘the young man’ who stalks strangers around the grim streets of London searching for inspiration. When he happens upon a burglar named Cobb, his life soon spirals out of control.

5. Robert Angier – The Prestige


Angier is on trial accused of the murder of a fellow magician who he suspects of having caused his wife’s death. As the story unfolds we learn of the dangerous extremes each magician went to in eliciting applause from unknowing audiences.

6. Will Dormer – Insomnia


Al Pacino plays the disturbed police officer with a big secret. During a routine apprehension of a fugitive, Dormer accidently shoots and kills his partner.

The fugitive escapes so Dormer allows the other officers to believe that his partner was shot by the suspect. The burden of the secret and the return of the fugitive soon drive the officer to madness.

7. Dr Jonathan Crane – Batman Begins


Dr Jonathan Crane is a psychiatrist at a mental asylum with a dark secret. He has an alter ego as a sadistic torturer known as ‘The Scarecrow’ who conducts experiments on the asylum inmates.

8. Joker – The Dark Knight


Heath Ledger’s chilling portrayal of one of the most disturbed and psychotic villains in the Batman franchise won him world-wide critical acclaim, but many have speculated that his inability to detach from the terrifying role may have played a role in his untimely death.

9. Walter Finch – Insomnia


Robin Williams broke from his traditional character type to play crime writer Walter Finch, a psychotic killer who attempts to blackmail the lead character.

10. Batman – Batman Begins/ The Dark Knight


Although the character of Batman was not Christopher Nolan’s creation, he succeeded in saving the character from the bland, tired stereotype it had become.

Nolan reinvented Batman as a dark, brooding superhero that lent some much needed authenticity to the role.