Even though Hollywood is a place where people become stars and rise to fame, it can also be cruel at times. While some movies are considered cult and are respected and quoted to this day, there are films that we rarely even remember or mention and when we do, it’s usually to mock and make fun of them.

Movies that fall under the latter group are the box office bombs. These flicks failed at earning money so hard, nobody really remembers them anymore. Just to remind you, here are the 10 worst box office flops in movie history.

10. Stealth (2005)

It’s inexplicable how certain movies which are equipped with a powerful cast and a respected director still manage to lose a ton of money. Such is the case with the 2005 sci-fi action movie “Stealth.”

The story of “Stealth” shows us the military’s advancement in 2016, when they manage to build the first-ever unmanned, super-intelligent stealth jet named Edi.

However, Edi gets struck by lightning and goes into overdrive, nearly starting WWIII in the process.

You’re free to wonder how a movie directed by Rob Cohen, who helmed big box office successes like “xXx” and “The Fast and The Furious,” can lose as much money as “Stealth” did. It seems like having Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx in its cast didn’t help a lot, either.

Total amount lost: $111.7 million