As any movie-enthusiast knows, it’s not that uncommon for a film to generate a six-figure income, but to still lose money. Whether it’s poor marketing, awful plot, or a generally uninteresting theme, these box office bombs are not a rare sight in Hollywood.

However, this is far from being the worst-case scenario in the movie business. Sometimes, things go so bad that a movie can’t even earn a thousand bucks. In that name, here are 11 movies that made less than $400 at the U.S. box office.

11. Apartment 143 (2012)

We’ve all witnessed a couple of Mexican horror flicks making it big in Hollywood, but nobody ever heard of “Apartment 143.”

The story follows a team of parapsychologists which enters a hotel in order to investigate a rather strange phenomenon. But what they couldn’t expect is how much this movie would fail at the box office.

“Apartment 143” faired so poorly during its running time, as it was shown only in one theater for a whole week.

Strangely enough, Magnolia Pictures, which was the movie’s U.S. distributor, earned a Golden Trailer Award nomination in the Best Horror Poster category.

Box office earnings: $383