We are used to heroes in movies embodying bravery, kindness, sense of adventure, and most importantly, teaching us important life lessons we later use and incorporate in our own lives.

However, from time to time we come across a villain whose evil deeds end up just as edifying as the protagonist’s bravery. We end up learning crucial things about the world we live in, via both their successes and their failures.

1. Scar (The Lion King)

Power without management is nothing.

One of the most badass cartoon villains of all time, Scar, teaches us that it is not enough to covet and have power, you have to be a good manager, as well.

Scar killed his brother, the king, drove off his princely nephew, used his vicious army of hyenas in order to try and secure power, which he actually did at one point, but it appears he simply wasn’t able to manage all that might, muscle and potency at his disposal.

Scar allowed his kingdom to become over-hunted, let his lions starve, made his hyena allies his scapegoats whenever he found it convenient, and ended up getting torn apart by his own army.

Poor management skills.