It’s one thing to plan out your entire life and career, just go for it and make a name out of yourself. But it’s another whole thing completely when you don’t have the intention of doing anything similar to what you’ve ended with.

There are a bunch of actors, some better known than others, who got a kick-start in their unplanned acting career just by being seen or heard, basically just by mere coincidence.

Here are 15 of their best stories.

1. Natalie Portman

One of Hollywood’s most elegant actresses, Natalie Portman, was minding her own business one day after dance class.

She was sitting in a pizza parlor and one guy just happened to be there because he lived in the neighborhood.

That guy actually worked for Revlon and after spotting Portman, he approached her and asked if she had any interest in becoming a model. Portman once said in an interview that she tried to play it cool, which she succeeded and said that she wanted to be an actress.

Natalie Portman started doing some modeling work then and soon got the chance to infiltrate the world of acting. It’s a good thing she did.