Among the many shows that captivated the audience’s attention, no other really mesmerized the masses like the insanely popular Orange Is The New Black. But what makes this show so appealing to the public? Maybe it’s the unusual surroundings, and people get a better glimpse at life behind bars.

Maybe it’s the intricate plot – no one loves drama like TV show fans do. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the love making that’s happening all around the prison.

Among all of the sex scenes in OITNB, these 15 take the cake.

1. Fig And Caputo

When Caputo finds out that Fig is embezzling money, she decides to bribe him.

As Fig is not interested in the whole idea, and gets pretty mad, she decides to persuade him.

Although this scene could not really be described as anything remotely sexy, it’s still amusing in other ways.

When Caputo puts her move on Fig, she finds out things that she didn’t know about him before, primarily about what he has going for him under his clothes.

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Caputo is impressed, and that’s probably the only thing interesting about this, otherwise, not so impressive love scene.