Casting the main role can mean the difference between an Oscar and a Razzie, basically. It’s strangely weird to think of some legendary roles like they never happened, at least not in the exact manner that we are accustomed to.

Just imagine all those iconic movie roles that almost went to someone else. The world wouldn’t be the same, and neither would your list of favorite movies.

1. Pretty Woman

However odd the mere thought of it might be today, Julia Roberts wasn’t the original pick to star in Pretty Woman – it was Molly Ringwald who was supposed to wear those street styled outfits and cause heart strokes all around the town.

The Pretty in Pink star was the queen of every teen movie in the 80’s, and naturally, the producers of the prostitute’s tale wanted Ringwald to star in this 90’s flick also.

She turned down the role which was later given to Roberts, whose portrayal as the hooker with heart and girl-next-door personality landed her a Golden Globe for best actress in 1991.