Just like it happens in real life, these on-screen personas and representatives of the female gender have been faced with an ultimate choice – to give in to their ordeal, or choose to take the law into their own hands and prove how strong, badass and stoic they really are.

When justice turns its ever-so-blind eye to their calls and, oftentimes, screams, there is only one way out – Revenge. Armed with everything from katanas and axes, to mere anger, these ladies are not afraid to grab the bull by the, well, horns, among other things. Beware of minor spoilers lurking around.

15. “Fatal Attraction” (1987)

First we go back to year 1987 to examine this psychological thriller directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer.

Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) is a successful lawyer and a family man who lives in an expensive apartment building in the heart of Manhattan.

However, when his wife and daughter go away for one weekend, Dan indulges in a brief and passionate carnal affair with a woman named Alex (Glenn Close).

Dan is determined to forget all about what happened with Alex, but she ultimately refuses to be treated like a brief fling and chooses not to be disregarded.

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All hell breaks loose and a series of events and collisions turn their lives into perfect chaos, as we learn that Alex’s vengeful spirit knows no limits. Glenn Close’s character will definitely be remembered as one of the most vengeful figures of modern cinema.