clash of the titans

Too often a film will simply bank on the success of its predecessor in the hopes of attracting audiences.

While it’s easy to suggest that the original is always better, sometimes the remakes are so horrid that one wonders why the film-makers even bothered. The following remakes definitely failed to live up to the originals in a myriad of ways.

1. “Clash of the Titans” (2010)

In so many ways, you really want to like this film. It’s been so long since the original which is a classic, but this plot is an absolute drag.

It updates the story by strangely encouraging atheism even though gods are appearing right and left.

It’s a strange premise for a movie that is about Greek mythology.

The special effects were fine which is what one could hope from a remake made today, but the stilted acting of some of the gods and the unconvincing plot simply couldn’t save it.

Moreover, the film completely revamps the original myth for no apparent reason – just some script writer’s arbitrary change.

The lead actor Sam Worthington is very stiff in the role and somehow just doesn’t seem suited to it. Mads Mikkelsen is in the film and while he is, hands down, the handsomest man on the planet (at least according to this writer), he simply can’t bolster this poorly written plot. Moreover, Mount Olympus looks like the set of a high school play – and not a good one.

The original may not have the technical bells and whistles of today’s films, but it had an authenticity and certainly captured the myth on screen. It brought the myth to life in a way that the remake does not.