the karate kid

2. “The Karate Kid” (2010)

No, no, and no again. There’s no reason to dampen your appreciation of the original by seeing this very sad remake of a modern classic.

It would have been better if the filmmakers would have butchered an unknown story, but to mar the original in so wretched a way – it’s hardly worth the price of a small Coke and popcorn let alone the price of admission.

It seems like the Smiths wanted any vehicle they could get their hands on to launch their kid into Hollywood, but he simply doesn’t hold a candle to the Ralph Macchio’s original performance.

Moreover, casting Jackie Chan as the updated Mr. Miyagi that was so brilliantly played by Pat Morita didn’t give this film the credibility it was so desperately in need of. Certainly one of the worst remakes, it would be better if this film was never made at all.

The Detroit kid moving to Beijing premise simply didn’t resonate with audiences. Young Smith did convey the fish out of water aspect of the film, but it never managed to grow into a convincing portrayal. If you’re looking for some karate action, make sure you see the original “Karate Kid” instead. In terms of “wax on” and “wax off,” the remake is definitely off.