bad new bears

3. “The Bad News Bears” (2005)

The original team of Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal is pretty tough to beat. Unfortunately, even Billy Bob Thornton just isn’t right for the role of coach.

One thing that the 1970s had on the updated version is a certain level of societal irreverence.

The original captures this perfectly while the updated version is too careful about what it should or should not portray.

The original just told a great story filled with realistic poignancy while the updated version just seems like an executive’s exercise in casting.

It simply seemed like a bunch of movie executives trying to cash in with grown-ups who saw the original and so might be willing to pay cash for their kids to see the updated movie too.

It might have been time for a new adaptation examining kids’ competition, but this remake doesn’t manage to stand out on its own. The charm of the original team makes it hard to remake even with an updated cast of youngsters.

The 1970s charm was conveyed so perfectly that to do less in the update is just asking for negative reviews, which it did receive as a matter of fact. While the critics weren’t overwhelmed with the remake, audiences didn’t love it as much as the original either and it’s easy to understand why.