We finally know almost all the details about the long-awaited sci-fi action movie “Logan” and now that the pieces are finally together, we decided to cover 3 most important things about this upcoming superhero picture.

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Marvel’s Wolverine is back!

1. Logan Will Be Hugh Jackman’s Final Return As Wolverine

After 17 amazing years and a total of 9 X-Men movies, Logan is going down in history as Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine.

As this is only the second R-rated X-Men instalment after Deadpool, we are almost sure it is going to be pretty graphic and gory, just the way we like it.

According to gamesradar.com: “You’re finally going to get to see Logan pop his claws through some heads and other acts of outlandish violence – something only really teased by the softer X-Men films before. This will be the most real world-feeling Wolverine movie of the three.”

2. James Mangold Returns As The Director

Another great thing about the upcoming Logan is that James Mangold is back as the main man behind the camera.

Mangold is now also the co-writer of the film and he has recently described this next installment as a movie that is “being built on the themes of superhero movies, but different in tone, and more realistic in its portrayal of violence.”

Mmmm, violence…

3. Release Date Is March 3, 2017

The US audience will be able to see Hugh Jackman’s final take on his most iconic character on March the 3rd, while British fans will have 2 day advantage as Logan hits UK theaters on March 2nd.

Shooting was finalized in mid-August and it is currently in post-production.

Stay tuned.