The movie sidekick plays an integral role in modern film, and regardless of whether this character plays the best friend, assistant, or simply the comedic relief, he or she works to support the movie’s protagonist.

As a positive influence on the hero and the overall plot, the sidekick often relates well to movie audiences.

Sidekicks work to bring out the best qualities in the film’s main characters in order to make them appear more admirable.

There have been a variety of well-known sidekicks featured throughout cinematic history, and we have identified nine of the best from recent movies and films.

Without these sidekicks acting as trusty companions during times of crisis and danger, it is almost certain that the leading men and women within the film wouldn’t be nearly as interesting or effective.

1. Dr. John Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

Being the sidekick to a movie’s title character is no easy task, but Dr. John Watson more than meets the challenge. A war veteran and former surgeon within the British Army, Dr. Watson may be the only man able to play caretaker to Sherlock Holmes and his overbearing personality.

Although he might lack Holmes’ insight when it comes to investigations, Dr. Watson is extremely intelligent and provides a great balance for the brilliant yet emotionally-detached personality of Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes needs and relies on Watson, although he’d be hard-pressed to admit it. Dr. Watson acknowledges this in his work, stating that he acts as a comrade to Holmes in addition to being a friend “upon whose nerve he could place some reliance.” 

While he is never able to develop the deductive methods of Holmes, he is astute enough to understand his friend’s reasoning later.

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In addition to the emotional stability that Dr. Watson brings to their partnership, Dr. Watson’s writings also served an important role in building Holmes’ fame. This ultimately brought him high-profile clients and the money he needed to survive.

Despite the complications in their professional relationship, these two characters are linked intrinsically through the bonds of a deep and slightly bizarre friendship.