Whether he was excellent at his job or everyone thought he was terrible while sitting in the White House, each American President marks a certain stage for the USA and most certainly has a story to tell.

And while we’ve already seen the legendary Abe Lincoln on the big screen multiple times, now it’s Obama’s turn to get his own biopic.

Yes, you read that right – THR reports that a Barack Obama biopic is in the works. With the title “Barry” and Devon Terrell in the lead role, it’s only a matter of time before we get treated to glimpse into the life of the current President of USA.

According to the reports, “Barry” will tell the story of Obama in the 1980’s, where he struggles to find his place in New York long before he became a politician or even the president.

It’s unclear when exactly will “Barry” hit theaters, especially since production hasn’t even started. Nonetheless, we have no doubt that director Vikram Gandhi will do an excellent job with this.