1. Captain Phillips

930353 - Captain Phillips

History buffs simply must see this biographical action-thriller based on the true story of Captain R. Phillips.

The 2009 hijacking of his vessel by Somalis captured global attention, and this was the first US cargo carrier to get jacked by pirates in two centuries!



Delving into Steve Job’s life beyond being an incredible brainiac, this biopic does a great job of detailing the major defining moments and people in Job’s life.

JOBS is a dialogue driven film that manages to be both epic and intense thanks in part to the amazing cinematography work by Russell Carpenter and Ashton Kutcher convincingly taking on the lead role.

3. 42


The story of Jackie Robinson and the bold general manager, Branch Rickey, that signed him to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Their bravery broke color lines and put them directly in the line of fire, and 42 successfully captures the good, bad, and the ugly consequences they faced.

4. Intouchables


Breaking box office records in Europe, Intouchables is inspired by a real-life friendship between two unlikely individuals – a millionaire with a handicap and his caretaker, a streetwise ex-con.

This irreverent story is one about the human ability to establish trusts and friendships regardless of the past, and somehow manages to come across lighthearted and comedic.

5. Lovelace


As the star of the first full-fledged scripted adult movie ever, Linda Lovelace became an overnight male fantasy.

However, Lovelace lets us see the real Linda – fully clothed – sharing a fascinating narrative of her life then and now.

This movie’s not just for fans of risqué movies.

6. The Butler


Discover the real story of Cecil Gaines, an African-American man who doled out drinks and opened doors within the White House for eight sitting US presidents.

His tenure fell during troubling times including the civil rights movement and Vietnam, making the already compelling biography, The Butler, even more so.

7. The Social Network


Only those who don’t know what Facebook even is are yet to see this biography movie portraying Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking site’s controversial founder.

Scandalous and accusatory, The Social Network boasts almost as many backstabbing moments as some of the people who frequent the site, making it a must-see biography movie.

After viewing, be sure to Like it or Not on your FB page…

8. Amadeus


This biopic chronicles the life of musical prodigy, Wolfgang Mozart Amadeus as told by the man who killed him, Antonio Salieri, as he sat in an insane asylum confessing to a priest.

Salieri poignantly reminisces about his lengthy time with Mozart and how his friend ultimately became a rival.

This amazing film was ultimately nominated for a stunning 53 awards!

9. Hitchcock


A man of daring proportions in many ways, Alfred Hitchcock the man is perhaps as strange as his pictures.

This behind-the-scenes look offers a solid glimpse at his private life, his relationship with his, and ways his diligence in challenging the film industry’s rather tame restrictions in those days.