Since the beginning of time, love has been a universal and recurring theme. While it comes to others, for some it seems very hard to find. Nevertheless, these movies exemplify the type of romance that is talked, and dreamed about.

This list is for all the lovers out there.

1. The Notebook


Centered around an elderly man in the a geriatric unit, the audience eventually discovers that he’s lodged there because his wife is riddled with Alzheimer’s.

The movie does a wonderful job of getting the audience emotionally invested in the couple and the fight for their love. For that reason alone is why the this movie made the list.

2. P.S. I Love You


It’s hard enough dealing with the difficulties of life. So, watching Hilary Swank’s character development on-screen allows the viewers to experience the anguish, angst, and grief that accompanies losing a spouse.

That, along with unpredictable and charming plot line, allows people to fall in love with Hilary Swank repeatedly.

3. Dirty Dancing


Sexy dancing? Check.

Sexy couple? Check.

On screen chemistry? Check.

There’s no question why Dirty Dancing made the list.

With Jennifer Grey’s iconic dance number and outfit, to Swayze and Grey’s dance duet, there’s a number of reasons that cause fans and new viewers to love this movie.

4. Titanic


The first film to ever garner over a billion in revenue was romance. Based on true events, “Titanic” displays a love story at its most trying time.

The production of the ultimate sacrifice is saddening, yet addictive recurring theme, in this movie. Girls, women, and men alike all felt the heartache and strong acting from young Leonardo and young Winslet.

It won eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and Best Director. The awards don’t lie.

5. When Harry Met Sally


This 1989 release tackles the age old question, “Can men and women remain just friends?” Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the plot follows their relationship for twelve years. Memorable performances and raw talent carry this film to become one the most beloved.

6. Ghost


This romance film kills two birds with one stone. Take a science fiction idea, mix it with lots of love and romance, and “Ghost” is the offspring. Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze are the leads in this iconic romance film.

There’s nothing more romantic than a knight in shining armor, even as a phantom. When the audience realized that their love has no bounds or boundaries, it made the film all the more treasured.