Boss Baby

If the movie is a huge hit, turn it into a franchise” – Hollywood.

Of course, when it comes to this particular cartoon, we can’t really blame them. The possibility of a franchise has been in the air from the very first week at the box office and the huge and a tad bit unexpected success of The Boss Baby movie.

Now, DreamWorks Animation is officially beginning to work on another outing for the hilarious cartoon about the adorable suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying baby, and according to Variety the release date is scheduled for March 26, 2021.


The Boss Baby movie hit theaters this past March and has since grossed $469 million worldwide, including $167 million domestically, so you can see why the sequel about the suited, canny infant (voiced by Alec Baldwin) who has to team up with his older brother to thwart the plans of the CEO of Puppy Co. was kind of imminent.

We still don’t whether Tom McGrath, DreamWorks veteran who handled the original, will be back to direct the sequel, nor do we know anything about the possible writers.

Though, we can’t really see Michael McCullers and Marla Frazee not coming back to pen the script for the sequel, considering they did an amazing job with the first movie.

As we already mentioned, The Boss Baby 2 will head to big screens in late March 2021.

Stay tuned.