James Franco’s new movie “The Disaster Artist” is going to be a rather peculiar one, but it seems that his strange idea has proven to be pretty interesting to many A-list actors and celebrities, and the latest big name being added to the cast is none other than Bryan Cranston.

So, what’s The Disaster Artist all about?

Back in 2003, the audiences around the world had the “luck” to see Tommy Wiseau’s movie called “The Room”.

Little did Tommy know that his film will become an epitome of bad movies for the generations to come, The Room is widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever made and it became “a bonafide cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless sold-out midnight screenings and a rabid fan base”, as Cinema Blend described it recently.

Now, James Franco is making a movie about the production of this 2003 disaster of a movie, and the hype it’s been generating among the Hollywood stars is growing, especially now that a recent Oscar nominee, Bryan Cranston, is about to join in.


The news came out a few days ago, from the Disaster Artist himself, Tommy, when he posted a Facebook update about Cranston joining the already star-studded and very eclectic cast.

Joining Bryan Cranston and James Franco in this project are Dave Franco (James’ little brother), model-turned-actress Kate Upton, Allison Brie, Sharon Stone, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Seth Rogen (of course) and Jackie Weaver.

Filming of The Disaster Artist began about a month ago, and even though there’s still no official release date for the movie, you can definitely count on us keeping you posted on this one.