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Al Pacino Meeting Marvel Officials?

Looks like Al Pacino’s hint in September didn’t go unnoticed! The legendary actor made headlines in September, when he praised Guardians ...
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John Wick is an Action Movie that Feels Like a First Person Shooter

An in-depth plot is usually the first piece in figuring out the puzzle of what makes a successful movie. Some movies invest heavily in the ...
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Pitt Rules the Box Office Weekend with WWII Thriller Fury

It seems Brad Pitt has another success on his hands with his portrayal of a tank commander during World War II with Fury. If there is one ...
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American Sniper, Bradly Cooper

Bradley Cooper Gains Weight for Role in American Sniper

It is a commonly understood fact of acting in Hollywood that your body has to look the part. That being said, it is no surprise when an actor ...
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Denzel Washington / The Equalizer

The Equalizer has no Equal at the Box Office this Weekend

In a year that has been historically bad for the American Movie Industry (sales are at their worst since 1997), it is good to see a movie clean ...
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New James Bond Movie Finally Gets a Start Date

It has been over 50 years of James Bond, and it seems that tradition will continue as reports that the 24th Bond movie has finally received a ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Tops Man of Steel at the Box Office

It has been a good month for Marvel in what would otherwise be described as a terrible year for movies in general. With profits the lowest ...
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Katniss Everdeen the Most Successful Action Heroine Ever

Although Jennifer Lawrence may be having a tough time of things at the moment what with all these nude photo leaks, there is at least one ...
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Wesley Snipes Wants Blade 4

At the peak of his career, Wesley Snipes delivered a gift unto the cinematic world that would be his crowning achievement. That gift was the ...
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Three Memebers Of Sinister Six Confirmed

Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was a blockbuster cloaked in mystery. And too many of the questions posed by fans remained ...
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