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Rick From ‘Rick & Morty’ Is Aware He’s A Cartoon Character

We are only 2 seasons deep into the complex and intricate universe Dan and Justin created, but we are already pretty sure that Rick is aware he is in a cartoon.
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Iron Giant 2 Might Actually Happen

The 1999 animated film “The Iron Giant” was entertaining for kids and adults alike. Children certainly had fun watching the big, clumsy ...
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You’ll Never Guess Who’s Voicing The Joker In The New LEGO Batman Movie

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Image Collect It all seems like DC is preparing to give Marvel a run for its money. With multiple upcoming ...
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Minions Earning Big Money Before Their Domestic Release

“Despicable Me” and its sequel were a big hit with youngsters and adults alike. However, let’s leave Gru to his mischievous plans, as now ...
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Confirmed: Spider-Man Animated Movie Will Happen

An angel gets its wings every time a rumor gets confirmed. Speculations have been flying around for some time that Sony was in hot pursuit for ...
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Disney Signs The Rock For Moana

Sometimes rumors are just rumors, but that’s not the case when it comes to one of the biggest names in show business and a studio that is ...
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The Smurfs Are Getting A Reboot

The beloved Smurfs franchise is about to go through another reboot and the crew over at Sony Pictures Animation appears to be eager to get it ...
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Jennifer Lee Apologizes For “Let It Go”

Jennifer Lee, the director of Disney's hit movie Frozen, is basically being forced now to apologize for the immense popularity of the movie's ...
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The Jungle Book

The Duel Of The Jungle Books

The battle of “The Jungle Books” is becoming more and more intense due to many Hollywood stars actively joining one of the two remakes ...
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The Lego Movie

Two More Lego Movies Announced

Made for just $60 million, Phil Lord and Chris Miller's “The LEGO Movie” created a rather sizable phenomenon when it came out earlier this ...
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