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Barack Obama Gets A Movie!

Whether he was excellent at his job or everyone thought he was terrible while sitting in the White House, each American President marks a certain stage for the USA and most certainly has a story to tell.
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Jennifer Lawrence To Land Another Interesting Biopic

After her role as a real-life entrepreneur in “Joy”, Jennifer Lawrence might stay in the realm of biography movies as she is now attached to star in the upcoming biopic “Marita”.
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Bryan Cranston To Join James Franco In A Strange New Project

James Franco’s new movie “The Disaster Artist” is going to be a rather peculiar one, but it seems that his strange idea has proven to be pretty interesting to many A-list actors.
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Quentin Tarantino To Turn ‘Hateful Eight’ Into A Play

While his latest hit movie “Hateful Eight” is currently unstoppable at the box office worldwide, the director Quentin Tarantino has recently revealed his plans to turn this intense three-hour cinematic quarantine into a play.
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Ridley Scott To Make Movie Version Of Cult TV Series ‘The Prisoner’

Ridley Scott is looking to direct a big screen adaptation of the 1968 cult TV series “The Prisoner”, and although the negotiations are currently in the early stages, things are looking pretty good.
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Hugh Laurie Goes Small Screen Again For New Drama Series ‘Chance’

For all of you who though Hugh Laurie was done with TV shows after eight long years portraying the grumpy genius doctor Gregory House, you were wrong.
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Kenneth Branagh Casts Himself As Hercule Poirot

Famed director, actor, and producer Kenneth Branagh agreed to both direct and produce the movie, but it seems that’s not all he wants to do.
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Nic Cage Ranks His Best Movie Roles

Let’s face it – if there was ever a versatile actor who never seizes to surprise us, it was Nicolas Cage. We could go on and on about his ...
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Ellen Page To Star In Lioness Biopic

Famed young Hollywood A-lister Ellen Page is really busy currently filming Tallulah, and it seems that her schedule won’t be changing anytime ...
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Is The Murder On The Orient Express Reboot Still Happening?

Finally some great news for all the fans of crime and mystery, especially for Agatha Christie fans. Although any news of 1974’s Murder On ...
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