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10 Sexiest Actresses In Hollywood

1. Sсаrlеtt Jоhаnѕѕоn Whеn thiѕ blonde bombshell рорѕ up on screen, it'ѕ hard tо tаkе уоur еуеѕ оff оf her. St...
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10 Great Christmas Movies for the Modern Era

1. The Family Man This unexpectedly charming Christmas movie focuses on missed opportunities and the pain of what might have been. The ...
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10 Interesting Movie Backstories

From iconic scenes that were originally billed as something else entirely to actors that were almost never a part of the shows they are so ...
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9 Movies For Good or Worse That Became TV Shows

1. L.A. Confidential The film brought gritty, old school noir back to the big screen with Russell Crowe playing a tough cop and Kim ...
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