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5 Coming-Of-Age Movies To Watch When You Are Bummed Out

Here are 5 of our favorite movies we like to turn to every now and then in order to indulge in a little positive escapism.
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5 Romantic Movies Perfect To Watch On Valentine’s Day

What a better day to stay at home with your better half and watch a nice romantic movie than a Valentine’s Day? Cuddle up, make some ...
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Bitten By The Love Bug – Top Romance Movies Of All Time

Since the beginning of time, love has been a universal and recurring theme. While it comes to others, for some it seems very hard to find. Nevert...
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10 Rom Coms That Won’t Make You Puke

Ah, l’amour. It’s what makes the world go round. And according to the Beatles, it’s all you need. But sometimes life doesn’t work out as ...
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10 Movies To Watch After A Breakup

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall To get some laughter in the wake of your devastating heartache, this is the movie to turn to. This is particularly ...
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Top 12 Romantic Scenes That Make You Blush

A romantic scene is the ingredient that makes some movies worth watching. Sadly, some directors ruin an otherwise perfect scene with cliché ...
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15 Memorable Movie Lines Every Woman Would Love To Hear

Every woman has gazed longingly at the TV at some point and wished the handsome, dashing hero on-screen was actually speaking to her. Actors have ...
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10 Best Movie Kisses

1. Pretty Woman This 1990’s movie about a likable prostitute and a handsome, rich man has a memorable kissing scene towards the end of the ...
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10 Cheesy Love Scenes That make You Hurl

1. The Titanic The scene were Jack holds up Rose at the front of the Ship is famous the world over and has been parodied to death. Titanic ...
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