The word on the street is that Chris Rock might back as the main man at the award show after more than 10 years. The actor and comedian first hosted the show back in 2005.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences hasn’t yet confirmed the news officially, but Variety magazine reports Rock is in the midst of serious negotiations to host the Oscars.

The magazine also said that we should expect an official announcement quite soon, which means the two sides are rather close to making a deal.

Tricky Job

Hosting the Oscars has turned out to be far more dangerous job than one would expect. The host needs to be professional, informative, yet extremely funny, while his or her wits need to appeal to millions who are watching the show.

Many have tried, some did a great job, some failed, while some got mixed reactions.

Ellen Degeneres, Jon Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Seth MacFarlane and Neil Patrick Harris are among the latest few who dared to step into those shoes, and they all faced mixed reviews afterwards.

The ratings actually dropped last year when Neil Patrick Harris was the main man, even though the Academy thought he’s THE man for the job.

Will Chris Rock be a safe bet?