Only a few movies have ever put an audience in a state of trance like the cult 1974 classic Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia. Sam Peckinpah’s famed featured film caused a lot of stirs when it came out, due to its theme and overwhelming presence of criminal endeavors.

That same theme made it one of the most acknowledged movies of all time, and made Peckinpah one of the most respected directors in the world of filmmaking.

The Basics

The story of the movie starts its tale with a Mexican crime lord El Jefe (played by Emilio Fernandez) ordering his daughter Theresa to tell him the name of the man who impregnated her.

As she refuses, he orders his two goons to break her arm, and she spills out the identity of her lover. Thus, a search for Alfredo Garcia’s head begins.

Bennie (played by Warren Oates) hears about the bounty, and desperate enough to find a better life for him and his prostitute girlfriend becomes intrigued by it.

However his girlfriend Elita (played by Isaela Vega) informs him that Garcia is already dead and buried. Oates then thinks of a plan to dig up the body and remove its head, so they could deliver it to the crime lord, collect the bounty, and run away from their horrid lives. While the couple goes on their little adventure, they’re being followed by some shady people.

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Box Office Performance

It is said that Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia didn’t do horribly at the box office, but it didn’t gross out as much money as Peckinpah posisbly intended. However, no stats of a specific sum can be found anymore, although the ones for the movies 2009 re-release can. The (according to some sloppy) movie grossed out a total of $18,698 in its re-release.


Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia is a crude film indeed, with standard Peckinpah violence and nudity bursting out of almost every scene. This 70’s cult classic found its way into the hearts of many grindhouse lovers, as its controversial nature embodied all the standards that this genre withholds as the pinnacle of a good plot. This feature film is also the proud owner of one of the best movie titles ever.