“Donnie Darko” is one of those movies that only became famous after its death. Figuratively speaking, of course, since movies can’t die. Namely, the movie flopped after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January 2001.

It was shown on only 58 screens nationwide only to gross $7.6 million worldwide, which was just enough to recoup its budget.

However, the underground fan base of this quintessential movie soon started to grow, forming a cult following, similar to the one behind the Fincher’s masterpiece called “Fight Club”.

Donnie Darko started packing cinemas across the globe as more and more people heard about this weird movie and wanted to give their opinion on what the movie was actually about.

Why Donnie Darko Rocks, Frankly

Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a bright high-school student who has developed his dark and willfully eccentric side. Donnie doesn’t like his peers and thrives on challenging the authority of the adults around him. The plot thickens when Donnie is visited by Frank, a monstrous six-foot humanoid rabbit that only Donnie can see. Frank summons him outside his house and informs him that the world will come to an end in less than a month.

The movie became a cult classic, despite being far from perfect. First-time director Richard Kelly managed to make history with this overly-ambitious project that is filled with holes and rough edges, which means there must be something special about this movie.

Donnie Darko went on to win several awards at some minor film festivals and is often included and ranked high in many unofficial lists of best independent movies of all time.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do just, pronto. If you, however, did see it, just go ahead and watch it again, possibly with a friend who doesn’t know who Donnie and Frank are. Strip that sucker of that stupid man suit.