Cult movies don’t earn their coveted title just by coming into our cinematic world. The mere existence of a movie doesn’t make the land fertile enough for growing a huge number of followers – sometimes, a great movie only needs to chill on the DVD racks before it becomes what it was destined to become.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is one of those movies. This famed cult classic was amazingly well written, superbly acted out, and it was beautifully directed.

Yet, it was deemed a failure back in 1998, upon its release, as it struggled to find an audience and didn’t quite cause a huge income. However, five years later, the noted feature film was released on DVD and it finally gained its loyal following.

The movie was based on a novel written by the infamous Hunter S. Thompson, and it followed the story of the author and his friend (Oscar Acosta) on one of their road trips.

And it was a real “trip” indeed! Although the movie and the novel alike are about the protagonist, author Raoul Duke, and his lawyer friend Dr Gonzo, who are trying to have a good time on their drug-fueled adventure, Thompson states that they are actually strong political pieces. That may or not be the case, either way, this cult classic is truly something that deserves your undivided attention.

Thompson knew that Johnny Depp was the right man for the coveted job of playing Raoul from the first moment he met him, and as the legendary A-lister signed on to the project, more huge names like Benicio Del Toro (who played Dr Gonzo) soon followed. The movie was directed by Terry Gilliam, but the position was first taken by Alex Cox.

Luckily, all of the people involved in the project were really dedicated to making the movie just like it was imagined. Depp lived with Thompson for four months, so he could study his mannerisms and get into characters, while Del Toro put on over 45 pounds in just nine weeks.

Fear And Loathing is an excellent movie that will weird you out like you’ve never been “weirded out” before, but it’s more than just that. The story is amazingly well panned out, the visuals are absolutely stunning, and the story drags you into Raoul and Gonzo’s world to the full extent. This ride is not something anyone should pass on… ever.