Although Fight Club may not have been praised upon its initially release, it has cemented its way to cult movie immortality thanks to its twisted plot, superb direction and outstanding acting performances.

Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter take us on a wicked journey through a modern day lifestyle of seemingly ordinary characters each fighting its own demons.

Their shameless personalities may not be likeable but they certainly portray the degenerate choices we are faced with in today’s world in a magnificent way.

David Fincher, who directed this cultural masterpiece in 1999, is known for exploring disturbed psyches and atrocious minds, radical ideologies and fictional but highly relatable spheres, which make Fight Club matter today more than it did 16 years ago when it was released.

Fight Club shows the other angry side of the predecessors of millennials, and millennials themselves if they are willing to admit it, and their technologically advanced ways that are today more relevant than ever. The transition from a culture of consumerism to a culture of anti-consumerism where rebellion against materials possessions takes over the minds of the main characters is portrayed through the eyes of seemingly extreme individuals refusing to conform.

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Even though Fight Club failed miserably at the box office it stands as one of the top 10 films on IMDb’s list of best films ever that is comprised of 250 titles. Withstanding the test of time and being relevant years from now is the true test of any film, and we are certain that Fight Club will be watched, analyzed, loved and hated by the future generations to come.