If you ask a 100 people to name their top 10 movie list, one part of The Godfather trilogy will surely find its way on the list of almost every soul you asked. This trilogy’s greatness will surely stand the test of time, much like it did to this day, and the cult behind it will only know growth. But what led to this phenomenon? What has put The Godfather on the pedestal of ultimate, groundbreaking feature film?

Francis Ford Coppola’s cult classic, based on the novel by Mario Puzo, started its story in 1972, continued in 1974, and concluded in 1990. The remarkable tale of an elderly patriarch of a mafia family, who is slowly transferring the control to his son, instantaneously captured audiences worldwide because everyone can relate to the impacting importance of family values.

The Basics

The story of the notorious family spreads across three films. Don Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando) fought hard to make a name of himself, to provide for his family and to protect everyone in it, by any means necessary.

His son Michael (played by Al Pacino), was pretty reluctant when it came to taking control and taking his father’s place in the business, especially because during his preparation a bunch of unfortunate events start happening.

A full-on mafia war traps all the well-known families into a crazed state of murder, revenge, insolence, and even deportation.

Eventually, in the second part, we see a young Vito (played by Robert De Niro), growing up in Sicily and later in New York in the 1910’s, struggling to provide for his family, as well as Michael in the 1950’s, trying to expand the family business into other areas, primarily Hollywood, Cuba, and Las Vegas.

The final installment shows an aging Don Michael Corleone trying to find a way out of the criminal underworld and to legitimize the business, but failing to do so. The story is set in 1979, and the patriarch has more on his plate than he bargained for. The young gangsters are stirring the set seas of the mafia order, and one of them starts a love affair with his daughter.

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Box Office Performance

The Godfather trilogy grossed out $249,175,314, an amount truly remarkable for the times the installments premiered. The first installment contributed the most, with $66,666,062 out of which $19,558,558 were made solely on opening nights. The third installment didn’t make such an impact as the first two, and it is considered to be the weakest one when it comes to performance and storyline, in general.


There aren’t as many movies cherish deeply in the public’s heart as much as The Godfather trilogy, which is somewhat odd due to the fact that it shows all the gory details of the mafia underworld. However, it somewhat doubles as an example of human capability, the importance of family, the necessity of loyalty, and the ever-present showcase of power and love. And let’s face it, there isn’t a dry eye in sight when the scene where Don Vito gets killed while buying oranges for his family comes up.