Sometimes, a cult movie is defined by the sheer amount of line people quote ages after it gets released, while on other occasions a film that revolutionizes the movie industry or a whole genre gets labeled as cult.

One of the latter is “The Matrix,” a movie that was so cool, visionary, and innovative that it pushed its cast to stardom and took the sci-fi action genre to a whole new level.

The Basics

“The Matrix” was officially released upon the world on April 2, 1999. The movie came from the minds of the Wachowski Brothers, who didn’t really have a major project up until then. One could easily say that this was their big break, and a successful one at that.

People who have seen “The Matrix” remember this movie for many things. From the post-apocalyptic atmosphere to the revolutionary CGI that gave the action genre a new edge, this cult flick is among the legends of Hollywood.

The plot follows a young hacker named Thomas Anderson, a.k.a. Neo (Keanu Reeves), who lives in 1999 USA.

He starts having dreams about the government kidnapping and killing people that stand in the way of its goals and soon he is contacted by a legendary hacker Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne).

Morpheus, along with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), shows the real truth to Neo by waking him up to reality, which is much grimmer then the audience previously though. Machines have taken over the world while they use humans as cattle.

Soon, Neo learns how to enter the Matrix, a virtual reality world where humans fight the machines for their freedom. He’s confronted by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), a rogue piece of software set to exterminate mankind and establish supremacy over the machines.

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“The Matrix” plot only adds awesomeness to the already great feel the movie has. The CGI used in the movie introduced bullet-time and slow-motion, effects which you can see in many action flicks to this day.

Box Office Performance

In its opening weekend, “The Matrix” earned $27.7 million, while the total amount of money it accumulated globally comes to a $463.5 million. The movie’s impressive cast combined with new CGI techniques allowed “The Matrix” to gain a lot of popularity in a very short time.


Perhaps “The Matrix” isn’t the most quoted movie in Hollywood, but it’s surely a film everyone enjoyed watching. Just imagining Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in slow-motion or kicking agent butt with kung fu is enough to light up anyone’s interest.