Famed Mexican-born Hollywood actor Demián Bichir is the newest member of Ridley Scott’s upcoming installment of the Alien franchise, Covenant, according to many reports.

It’s still unclear what role will The Hateful Eight star play, which doesn’t differ much from the plot itself, as Scott is being typically secretive as ever.

Apart from Bachir, the movie will feature Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, and Katherine Waterston.

Although many reports claimed that famed actress Noomi Rapace will be making a comeback as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Scott categorically denied those claims.

The sci-fi horror/thriller flick will continue the storyline set in motion by 2012’s Alien: Prometheus.

Shooting is allegedly scheduled to begin soon in Australia, and we can expect to see Alien: Covenant in theatres in October 2017.