Famed young Hollywood A-lister Ellen Page is really busy currently filming Tallulah, and it seems that her schedule won’t be changing anytime soon. After she’s done with the comedy drama which is also featuring her Juno co-star Allison Janney, Page will be taking on a pretty serious role in James Dahl’s upcoming war drama Lioness.

The movie will follow the story of real-life US Marine Lance Corporal Leslie Martz.

After being stationed in Iraq for a time, Corporal Martz got shipped to Afghanistan to lead a “female engagement team,” whose agenda was to gain the trust of Afghan women and prepare them for independence.

After gaining their trust, Martz got the chance to extract intelligence from those women about their Taliban husbands.

However, as she gets attached to Afghan females, Martz finds herself torn between her duty to her country and her sympathy towards the wives of Taliban men. The Corporal feels guilty because she’s betraying the trust she gained, and she also feels guilty for feeling guilty since she wants to do everything she can for her country. The fact that she’s hiding her identity as a gay woman in the US military isn’t quite helpful either.

Lioness will be produced by Dahl, while a director hasn’t been hired yet. The screenplay was penned down by Rosalind Ross, who will also be co-producing the war drama.

If you can’t wait to see Page in Lioness, you can check her out in the meantime in Into The Forest and Freeheld.