Producer Matt Tolmach and Sony/TriStar studios have really done wonders for famed actress Emma Stone.

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After scoring roles in Superbad, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Zombieland, the popular screen star landed a role in Love May Fall, an upcoming comedy drama.

Based on a novel by famed Silver Linings Playbook Matthew Quick, Love May Fall follows the story of Portia Kane, a young woman who decides to leave her wealthy Florida life to return back home to her former small-town life and her slightly odd mother after finding out that her husband (a porn director) has been cheating on her.

She gets involved in restoring the reputation of her beloved high school English teacher Nate Vernon.

The screenplay was adapted by Mike White. The anticipated flick will be produced by Tolmach, Elizabeth Cantillon, and Hannah Minghella (TriStar president), while no director has been attached to the project yet.