Fast And Furious

Although “the movie going to space” is somewhat of a common joke in the movie industry, this notion might not be that hilarious or strange when it comes to one of the most talked about (and laughed about) franchises in the history of Hollywood and blockbusters.

There’s basically nothing that will stop the “Fast And Furious” movies from happening, not even lack of ideas.

The 8th installment of the Fast And Furious franchise – “The Fate Of The Furious” – has hit big screens back in April and the movie managed to gross over 1.2 billion dollars worldwide, meaning here’s still audience for this kind of action.

However, it could merely be “due to how outrageous the stunts are getting,” notice folks over at Nerdist.

“The movie features tanks, submarines, literal swarms of cars, and everything else a nine-year-old with an active imagination would ever want in an action flick.”

So, yeah, nine-year-olds dude. That’s the demographic we are talking about here. But something annoyingly intriguing is triggering me to secretly want this space thing to happen.

Outer Space? I Wouldn’t Rule Anything Out

Could the Fast & Furious franchise indeed get even crazier in the near future? Yes, it very much could, according to director F. Gary Gray.

In a recent interview he has done for Screen Rant, Gray hinted that the possibility of taking Fast And Furious plotline to outer space isn’t something we should rule out.

“Outer space?” said F. Gary Gray. “Listen, I wouldn’t rule anything with this franchise. When I read submarine, I’m like, ‘OK, anything’s possible.’ You never know. I haven’t read Dom on Mars yet, but again, you just never know.”

Ok, we are aware this sounds like a far-fetched, even joke-like turn of events, even for the Fast And Furious franchise, but never say never, right?

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