There are some truly amazing actors in our world, whose talent we adore and worship.

But there is a strange phenomenon that comes from time to time and just leaves the massive movie audiences with a puzzling face.

That phenomenon is the occurrence when amazing actors chose to act in absolutely insanely awful movies.

What were they thinking?! Sure, if they’re good actors, they can act the life out of any role, even in really bad films, but still, was that really needed? It’s not like they were ambushed with a script, and made into acting in the movie without knowing anything about it.

Maybe it’s just one of those weird mysteries of life, which we will never quite unravel.

1. Johnny Depp – Private Resort

Johnny Depp is a three-time Oscar nominee who is known for dodging heavyweight roles in order to play eccentric characters, like Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Mad Hatter and Willy Wonka. He probably decided on that after shooting Private Resort, in which he had his first lead role.

He plays one of two young men on the prowl for girls, at a posh Miami resort. They eventually get caught up in a jewel theft. This movie tries so hard to be witty that it actually can mentally and physically disable the viewer.

Depp comes out of the film relatively unscarred by playing the cooler one of the two horny teens, and manages to leave it be, without destroying his career.