2. Jessica Lange – Hush

This phenomenal actress, known to younger audiences for her roles in “American Horror Story” is a winner of two Oscars, five Golden Globes and two Emmys.

She starred in movies such as Tootsie, Frances, Cape Fear, Big Fish and of course, Hush, one of the worst movies known to man.

This movie is a thriller about an over-protective mother (Jessica Lange) who doesn’t want her son to move away with his pregnant girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow) and so begins bullying her to the point of physical assault.

If you’re a fan of ridiculous script turns and headache-giving clichés, this is the movie of your life. Still, Lange manages to shine even in the most horrid scripts, add some layers to her psychotic character and make us feel a little sympathetic towards the awful mother.