Ryan Reynolds certainly had his big screen hits, but if there was ever a time when one of his movie flopped like all hell, it would be the “The Green Lantern.” Luckily for all DC fans, this disgrace of a superhero movie has been set for a reboot.

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While many gave up on the green-suit superhero, some of you may have their interest piqued when they hear the latest rumors.

The speculations regarding the announced reboot suggest that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be teaming up for a “Lethal Weapon in space.” Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, the second chance for this superhero won’t come soon, so don’t be surprised if these rumors turn out to be completely false as the script gets chopped up, reworked, and polished.

In any case, it’s good news that Hal Jordan gets to redeem himself on the big screen. In Ryan Reynolds’ own words, just don’t make his suit CGI!