The upcoming comedy Vacation Friends was supposed to feature real-life married Hollywood couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.

However, with their busy schedules, the off-screen and on-screen couple ditched the project. But there’s no reason to worry, as famed rapper and actor Ice Cube is here to save the day!

The popular musician and family-friendly-movie lover is set to take over one of the lead roles in Vacation Friends, which is something right up his alley.

Famed writers Tim and Tom Mullen originally wrote the script, while famed director Steve Pink will also give his best shot at tweaking it a bit.

The story of the movie follows a serious, uptight lawyer (played by Ice Cube) who decides to go on a vacation with his girlfriend Emily. Although Emily is usually pretty calm and collected, she goes absolutely wild on their vacation In Mexico as she wants to indulge in everything there is. While on their trip, the pair meets a couple that’s way more uninhibited and fun, so they decide to enjoy life with them. However, that crazy couple doesn’t seem to think that the vacation is over when Ice Cube and his girlfriend go home, so they follow them and try to keep the party going.

The famed actor and rapper will return to the big screens in January, with his role in Ride Along 2.