Famed actor and director James Franco has a really long list of movies he plans to direct, but that didn’t stop him from adding another project to his already packed schedule. The Hollywood A-lister is developing a true-life tale based on a stripper’s tweets.

The project, titled Zola Tells All, is based on the Twitter chronics of Aziah “Zola” Wells, a stripper, and her tragic but epic trip to Florida.

Her 148-tweets tale was later chronicled by Rolling Stone. Namely, Zola meets a woman named Jessica while working at Hooters in Detroit, and she heads on a trip with her, and her boyfriend (a pimp) mentioned only as “Z.” Their weird trip turns into a horrid tale of prostitution, violence, and awful human behavior.

The script is said to be written by Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts.

Franco, the very talented and busy actor/writer/director/producer (and poet?) is currently directing The Disaster Artist, another real-life based movie about the making of The Room, an awful cult classic, and executive-producing and starring in The Deuce, an HBO porn-industry drama series.