After her role as a real-life entrepreneur in “Joy”, for which she landed another Oscar nomination, Jennifer Lawrence might stay in the realm of biography movies as she is now attached to star in the upcoming biopic “Marita”.

Colorful Life Fidel Castro’s Lover

The movie will follow Marita Lorenz, a girl who met the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro when she was only 19 years old, which didn’t stop her to become his famous lover.

Marita soon got pregnant, but decided to have an abortion and leave Cuba to join an anti-communist movement in the US. She was later recruited by the CIA to assassinate Castro, but the plan obviously never went through.

During her interesting and vivid “career”, she also had an affair with a Venezuelan dictator, spent many years as an FBI spy, while she was also involved in the assassination of JFK. Marita has written two autobiographies so far, which will apparently be used for writing the script.

Other Details

Lawrence will again be working with Eric Warren Singer, the co-writer behind “American Hustle”, and according to Empire magazine Singer has already pitched the script to Sony and the whole project is already in development.

There’s no word about the director or the rest of the cast.

Lawrence is currently busy working on a sci-fi movie “Passengers” opposite Chris Pratt, and she will next be seen on May 19 when “X-Men: Apocalypse” is scheduled to premiere.