Baby Driver, Edgar Wright’s latest project, has just become richer for one huge Hollywood name.

The Walking Dead alum and Daredevil’s newest Punisher, Jon Bernthal, has reportedly joined the impressive cast of Baby Driver.

The highly-anticipated movie follows the story of crime lord Doc (played by Kevin Spacey), who hires a talented getaway driver going by the name of Baby (played by Ansel Elgort).

Baby thus joins a hard core team of Doc’s criminal associated, in the likes of Jon Hamm’s Buddy, Eliza Gonzalez’s Darling, and Jamie Foxx’s Bats.

As Baby joins this criminally talented group, he finds that his life and his girlfriend Deborah’s life are in jeopardy, especially when a heist goes bad. Elgort’s character is also known for using his personal soundtrack that helps him concentrate during the group’s criminal shenanigans. Bernthal is reportedly set to play a character named Griff.

The script was written by Wright himself. Shooting is well underway in Atlanta, and we’ll get to see the finished product in March 2017.