Joy cast, including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, are busy promoting their new film, which is set to hit the cinemas on January 7.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies, the actors who have done multiple movies together so far discussed their career paths, particularly Jennifer Lawrence, who said her parents didn’t want her to be an actress.

“I was very young when I wanted to act so I had the obstacles of parents,” she said. “They weren’t crazy about their child leaving Kentucky to go live in New York by herself. I also didn’t have money, so those were obstacles.”

Joy is a true story and a family drama about Joy Mangano, a young woman who despite all the barriers becomes the matriarch of her family and a CEO of a powerful company, following her invention of the Miracle Mop.

Joy, directed by David O. Russell, who led Lawrence to her first Oscar for Best Actress, which her parents certainly must be very proud of, uncovers the elements hidden behind enormous commercial success.