After some amazing news that another big screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express was on the way, people got really excited and naturally curious to find out who will play the world’s most famous Belgian detective.

Famed director, actor, and producer Kenneth Branagh agreed to both direct and produce the movie, but it seems that’s not all he wants to do regarding this particular project! He has also chosen to cast someone he knows very well for the role of Hercule Poirot – himself.

That’s right, Branagh decided to take on the lead himself, and people are pretty unsure about that decision.

The newest adaptation of the 1934 novel follows Poirot’s and his little grey cells on the quest to solve a murder of an American tycoon on a journey from Constantinople to Paris.

The script is being penned down by Michael Green, and it’s said that the mystery movie will start its production next year, after Branagh finishes his work on The Winter’s Tale and Harlequinade.